I’ve spent the majority of my life craving control, wanting every little detail to be precisely how I wanted it. This hyper-focused mentality yielded disappointment, burnout, a couple of psych ward visits, and one very loud and very public argument/meltdown with a self-checkout machine at Kroger where I repeatedly screamed profanity while punching the machine.

The machine won.

When I let go, things move a little easier. When I surrender, life just flows. Life is flowing as is; my sticky puppet-fingers only offer me the illusion of control. No matter what I do today, the sun will still go down tonight and come up tomorrow.

And that just pisses me right the heck off, I tell you what.

And so, that brings me to this site. And what it’s all about.


I have a  lot of interests, passions, talents, and personalities. So, rather than have a site for each (which I’ve been attempting for years now), I’m just gonna’ wrap it all up in this beautiful disaster of a page and call it “relatively particular” in order to cover all bases.

Jen, your site is weird.

Well duh. That’s the point of it.

Jen, your content is all over the place.

I know, right?

Jen, you’re… an odd bird.

I am indeed!