Day 9 of 365: SOGGY BOXES — What happens when I get clingy with the flow…

Reaching a point of burnout, I think, shows that I stopped surrendering/trusting chance at one point. Like, I was saying that I was trusting and surrendering… And I was doing yoga and sniffing calming essential oils and meditating and and and… But today I realized I just wasn’t feeling it. Everything felt like a necessary task, which is […]

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Day 8 of 365: Re-framing the question “How do I get from here to there?”

Originally, I wanted to start this blog as a way to answer the burning question: (Thanks, Microsoft Paint, for displaying my art skills.) “HERE” consisted of: -Living in my parents’ basement -In debt -Unsure about my career path (SO MANY PASSIONS. SO MANY IDEAS.) “THERE” consisted of: -NY Times best-selling author + inspirational speaker -Debt-free […]

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Day 7 of 365: So I was flapping my arms by a lake, and…

I just returned from an evening walk. To strangers, walking one mile at a moderate pace may not seem like a feat. However, prior to my surgery four weeks ago (I had breast implants + silicone-filled lymph nodes removed), trudging around the cul-de-sac would have been a victory for me. I was exhausted, lethargic, and […]

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Day 6 of 365: “The Pause” – A Poem

The Pause   The mind whispers to me in clichés, Snippets of repetitive phrases Learned from a lifetime as a sponge. Sometimes I speak back, Challenging its elementary wording, And it pauses, wide-eyed, Like a child who was interrupted While deeply immersed In a game of make-believe.   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Part of me fears posting a […]

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Day 5 of 365: Writing a post in 29 minutes or less! (LOLJK IT TOOK OVER AN HOUR B/C DOODLE FEVER.)

It normally takes me an hour or so to put together a post. Mostly this is because doodles happen. And because a few readthroughs and revisions happen. Tonight, I’m skipping the readthrough/revision part* and am going right for the flowy writing, allowing whatever the heck to come out, while also incorporating the doodles. Because priorities, […]

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Day 4 of 365: “I wish I’d played in less rainstorms,” said no one ever.

At times, I’m going to bring up some spiritual woowoo stuff. Just a head’s up. To me, it’s second nature and, y’know, THE OBVIOUS TRUTH, and stuff I talk about regularly… So it doesn’t stand out to me as weird or hippie/(hippy?) or whatever. But in the last week I’ve had a lot (two) people […]

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Day 3 of 365: OMIGOD serendipity all up in my face.

Okay, Universe. Now you’re just showing off. I was reminded this evening of the last time I did a focused period of writing, which was when I did “30 days of seeking God” and wrote about my journey each day. During that time, some powerful shit happened. Stuff I couldn’t have foreseen or imagined, even though […]

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Day 2 of 365: It’s not a success story, it’s an on-my-way-to-success story.

And then I went on to tell her my exact plans for this blog. Something along the lines of…
“I’ll ideally get lots of followers which will make selling book #2 much easier.”
She then did what she does best, which is call me on my shit. Because, in one sentence, I contradicted the entire focus of this blog. Cool.

That’s why this journey is a challenging one for me. Because I like things like algebraic equations and knowing the correct way to open ground lamb, because they both have only one correct answer.

I like having control. Or, at least, the illusion of control.

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Day 1 of 365: I’m doing all the right things. WHERE’S MY STUFF, UNIVERSE?!

It’s rather frustrating when things don’t go my way.

And I don’t just mean in the grand scheme of life, where I figured I’d be a millionaire by now. Sure, that’s frustrating. But what really grinds my gears and tests my years of therapy work is when people do things differently than I do.

And I don’t mean how they dress (unless a man has a shirt tucked in with no belt, an offense which is punishable by severe silent judgment) or what their cultural or spiritual beliefs are.

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